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Roster of AAPCA SSM SIP Call Contacts (updated 8-2016)

AAPCA Timeline: State Clean Air Act Deliverables, 2016 - 2021 (updated 11-2016)


Recent state activity:
Ohio EPA recently announced an extension of the comment period for its Startup, Shutdown or Malfunction and Scheduled Maintenance Rules.
On November 17, 2016, the Energy and Environmental Cabinet (Cabinet) submitted the revision to Kentucky's State Implementation Plan (SIP) in accordance with 40 CFR 51.102(d)(3), requesting to revise its SIP by removing 401 KAR 50:055, Sections 1(1) and (4) and retaining the remaining regulatory provisions as approved on May 4, 1989 (54 FR 19169). The Cabinet provided public notice and the opportunity to submit written comments, as well as the opportunity to request a public hearing. A copy of the proposed revision was made available for public comment from August 15, 2016 until September 14, 2016. A copy of all comments received during the public comment period and the Cabinet's response is included with the submittal.
The Ohio EPA’s Division of Air Pollution Control is accepting public comments on its draft rule and draft business impact analysis in response to the SSM SIP Call through November 28, 2016.
On November 2, the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality adopted changes to its state implementation plan in response to U.S. EPA's SSM SIP Call. Minor modifications from the proposed version were made to clarify that the rule changes do not apply until there is a final and non-appealable court decision that upholds U.S. EPA's SSM SIP Call.


The Arizona Department of Environmental Quality is taking comments on the proposed Arizona State Implementation Plan (SIP) Revision — Removal of R18-2-310 Affirmative Defenses for Excess Emissions Due to Startup, Shutdown and Malfunction (SSM). The comment period is from September 20 through October 21, 2016.
On September 21, the Oklahoma DEQ posted its proposed response to the SSM SIP Call. See more here, or see the linked public notice, draft withdrawal letter language, and support document.
The Mississippi Commission on Environmental Quality will hold a public hearing to consider adoption of amendments to state air pollution control regulations and a Revision to the State Implementation Plan for the Control of Air Pollution (SIP Revision). The state regulations affected by the proposed amendments are Mississippi Administrative Code, Title 11, Part 2, Chapter 1, "Air Emission Regulations for the Prevention, Abatement, and Control of Air Pollution." Additional information can be found here.
The Kentucky Energy and Environment Cabinet will conduct a public hearing on September 14, 2016 to recieve comments on a proposed revision to Kentucky's State Implementation Plan (SIP) pertaining to the removal of provisions in 401 KAR 50:055, General requirements, relating to excess emissions during periods of startup, shutdown, and malfunction, from the Kentucky SIP.


West Virginia Division of Air Quality will be holding a public hearing to include proposed rule, 45CSR1 -- Alternative Emission Limitations During Startup, Shutdown, and Maintenance Operations.


Louisiana DEQ, Notice of Intent: Proposed Work Practice Standards During Start-up and Shutdown (LAC 33:III.2201.C and K) (AQ364), June 20, 2016


Ohio Division of Air Pollution Control, “Early Stakeholder Outreach -- Startup, Shutdown or Malfunction and Scheduled Maintenance Rules,” June 22, 2016
South Carolina DHEC, “DHEC Regulation Development Update,” June 24, 2016
The Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission proposed changes to Regulation No. 19 to comply with the SSM SIP Call. Additional documentation and written comments on the proposed regulation change can be found here.
Texas Commission on Environmental Quality will be considering a Rule Proposal regarding the SSM SIP Call on July 6, 2016. An executive summary can be found here. TCEQ staff plans to submit this to EPA as a SIP revision.
The Florida Department of Environmental Protection published a Notice of Rule Development in the Florida Administrative Code (F.A.C.) to address EPA’s SSM SIP Call. The F.A.C. Notice can be found here.


Tennessee Air Pollution Control Board's May 2016 meeting, including presentation "Update on TDEC Plans to Address Start-up, Shutdown & Malfunction State Implementation Plan Finding of Inadequacy and Call for Revisions (SIP Call)"


South Carolina DHEC Regulation Development Update (May 27, 2016)


Arkansas Pollution Control and Ecology Commission - Regular Commission Meeting (May 26, 2016)


At the March 2016 meeting of the North Carolina Air Quality Committee, NC DAQ provided proposed SSM SIP Call Rule Revisions and a related presentation.
North Carolina DEQ public hearing notice
Association of Air Pollution Control Agencies (AAPCA) SSM SIP Call Discussion with Arkansas, North Carolina, North Dakota, and Texas (January 2016)


Washington Department of Ecology Chapter 173-400 WAC General Regulations for Air Pollution Sources (startup/shutdown/malfunction), including timeline and documents
Wisconsin DNR's Air Management Study Group has an SSM Subgroup (March 2016 minutes and May 2016 agenda)


Wisconsin DNR SSM SIP Call Briefing (December 2015)


Colorado Common Provisions Regulation Presentation (November 2015)


EPA Region 8 Comments on Colorado's draft revisions to affirmative defense provisions (November 2015)


New Mexico public involvement meeting announcement


Colorado notice of rulemaking hearing (August 2015)




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Arnold & Porter LLP, “How States Are Reacting To EPA's CAA Mandate,” July 19, 2016 (includes SSM SIP Call actions in Florida, Michigan, Indiana, Louisiana, and Colorado)
Environmental Integrity Project, “Groups Notify EPA of Their Intent to Sue Over Texas Coal-Fired Power Plants Exempt from Federal Air Pollution Limits: Texas Organizations Challenge State Decision to Permit Up to 30 X More Soot than Allowed by Feds During Startup, Shutdown and Maintenance,” July 1, 2016
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U.S. Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, "Proposed Startup, Shutdown, and Malfunction rule circumvented transparency and input from affected states, citizens," April 2, 2013



Resources from U.S. EPA:

SSM SIP Call Final Action (May 22, 2015)
Proposed Removal of Title V Emergency Affirmative Defense Provisions (June 3, 2016)
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